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Pennwest Floor Plans & Home Options

The following brochures are provided to show you the options and floor plans of Pennwest Modular Homes that are available at Lycoming Valley Homes.  They are in .pdf format to view online or download offline.

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provides many floor plans for you to customize from.


Customize your floor plan to fit your needs, upgrade appliances and home features.


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Pennwest Homes

2-Story Collection

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Pennwest Homes

Cape Collection

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Pennwest Homes

Multi Family Collection

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Pennwest Homes

Cambridge 2

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.59.36 PM.pn

Pennwest Homes

Coastal Collection

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 11.59.13 PM.pn

Pennwest Homes

Ranch & Cape 

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Pennwest Homes

New Ranch Collection

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Pennwest Homes

New Ultra Collection